Monday, 12 March 2012

Hello again,

It's been ages since our last post but here I am again.
it's all been a bit hectic the last few weeks and this little blog had completely slipped my mind.
'So what have we been up to?' I hear all 7 of our followers cry in unison. We'll lots actually, Retro Racer our first project has been completed (more of a Windows 7 phone experiment than a game) and will be hopefully available for download soon, absolutely free!. This was supposed to have been up ages ago but we figured before we pay developer fees we might as well have a few programs to put up.

That brings me to our next and newest project, 'Super Killer Hornet Special Black Label' started of the back of 'Little White Box' from our last post(Hopefully also will be available soon) it's a frantic SHMUP(Shoot 'em up) this title pay homage to the great bullet hell shooters of Japan.

Pretty much since I started playing video games my favorite genre has been the humble horizontal SHMUP  just the raw energy and sweaty palms you get from blowing the crap out of everything just cannot be beaten.

Killer hornet pays tribute to probably the greatest SHMUP of all DonPachi in both name and content. A horizontal bullet hell experience with a slight twist, in arcade mode you get your multiplier up (and big scores) by answering simple sums and catching the falling numbers. This may sound slightly dull but it works really well and makes for a real challenge when trying to thread the needle between a hundred bullets.

If this mode really does sound like too much hard work, there will be an arrange mode, specifically designed to be 100% focused on dodging and destroying.

This project is nearing completion but I'm guessing it will be a summer release as we're still adding polish and are hoping for a simultaneous Windows phone 7 and XBOX 360 release.

Watch this space :0)

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  1. Glad to see you're back as of a couple of weeks ago. Anxious to hear how the sales will be on WP7 vs XBLIG.

    Also: get a twitter account! :) That's how a bunch of XBLIG devs keep in touch. Then follow me at @BlueLineGames so I can find you :)

    Best of luck w/the game!