Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Game 1 done!!!


Retro Racer is now complete! After a small surge of geeky activity Retro Racer is now finished in all its 8-bit glory! We hope to have a release by the start of Feb, exclusively to Windows Phone and for the sum of absolutely free.

Simplistic but fun is what we were going for and should prove a perfect mini game to test the viability of using the windows phone format.

 'Little White Box'
We now have two larger scale projects on the go. 'Little White Box'(Right)- a kind of bullet hell shoot-em-up without the shoot, more a bullet hell Dodge-em-up with a punishing difficulty level- and 'Little Pig Planet' - a more laid back casual game which sees our hero 'Flumpy the Pig' steering his home planet with his feet, like a big pink barrel walker, through meteor storms(it's hard to explain, wait for the demo).

We hope to have both these titles released on Xbox Live Indie, Windows Phone 7 and PC buy this summer with a possible iOS release depending on sales.

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  1. Man!! You guys actually amazing! I didn't know you and Nick had all this up your creative sleeves! Sounds funky dude, I love retro games! Hope to see some of your magic on the iPhone soon =) x