Friday, 20 January 2012



Ten minutes after writing the last blog entry it all went pear shaped, ten minutes later and my face was planted in my hands, palms sticky with the tears of frustration. A memory leak, a BASTARD memory leak! Basically the algorithm for randomly repositioning the sprites once they had left the screen was eating so much memory that 2 minutes of play would use more memory than running all the CODs at once.

At 2300 points things get a litte tricky!
Nick was horrendously worried that if this got any worse it would start to devour the internet and blast us all the way back to the stone age; this would be bad because I have delicate lady like hands that wouldn't take kindly to rubbing flint together, pretty sure Nivia didn't exist back then.

So Monday night consisted of basically rewriting the entire 'Rival' class and not sleeping or blinking, this paid off though; memory leak, plugged, controls sorted and scoring system added. We're on our way...
Still super basic at the mo, but what can you expect after 2 weeks.

The next couple of days have seen collision detection working(Woop Woop) and some basic game play mechanics added and controls and scoring refined, so we are now nearing somthing playable, not good or fun but playable!

The next stage will be menus, sounds and working out how to make it actually worth playing. Will keep(anyone board enough to be reading this blog) posted.

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