Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pester Released on XBLIG Today!!!!

At last we can present our newest creation to the world!
After months of no sleep and burned retinas Pester is finally finished and has successfully completed peer review.

You can download here for only 80MSP($1 or about 68p)

This is our second Xbox indie title after Super Killer Hornet which reviewed well but to be honest slacked a bit in the sales department. In my opinion the biggest draw back super killer hornet was the graphics and presentation. We've spent a bit more time concentrating on these issues with pester,the main improvement, for me, being the implementation of particle physics to take care of the explosions and fire trails.

We're really happy with the way pester has turned out because it's the type of game we've wanted to see made for a while. We've tried to mix the old with the new to make something a little unique.
We're also happy with the way we've implemented the game modes, by mixing modes with modifiers we have managed to make 96 combinations of play, which hopefully will make the 80MSP worth while.

Check out the trailer here.

It's such a great feeling knowing your game is out there for the world to see, we know it's not going to set the world on fire or make enough money that we can quit our day jobs but it really is nice to know that something you've made is out there for the world to try, play and judge (not too harshly I hope).

PS. Some of you may notice a slight spelling mistake (quite massive actually) within the game.
This comes from deciding to have one last decode session at 4 in the morning just 10 minutes before sending it for review. An update is ready to go and should be up this time next week. So annoying though and yes I feel like a dick!

Massive thanks to these guys for being awesome!

NortyGames (Thanks for the peer review Steve)
Retro games mag
The Overshield
The /./ xblig
GameCity Nights
Clearence Bin
Blues news
the blog de sinad
Playground podcast
Blue ray authority
Indie ocean
Short and sweet review
extra play
Clear channel

Also Nick,Scott, Rish, Matt(even though it's been a while), Lee and Ryan(Can't have them feeling left out) and of course my beautiful wife Liz.


  1. Great game! I downloaded the trail and ended up buying it after one playthrough. I love the old-school gameplay and the nice little touches like the scanline/overlay options. Excellent work and I hope you end up with great sales!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the feedback.
      Always really nice to know someone is enjoying something I've made.
      I hope we end up with great sales too :o)

  2. It has an awesome retro feel to it. It's extremely enjoyable and for only 80 MSP, it's a must have! My review will go live today, guys! Great job!