Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our new game

 Things have been a bit quite on the Flump Side recently as we’ve been ferreting away on our new Xblig game, Pester.
For pester we’ve tried to take our favorite elements of the newer CAVE style bullet hell games and our favorite elements from the more classic old school shooters to make a game that we hope will appeal to both camps. The screen still fills with bullets and your ship has a small hit point but every play is different as we have used random bullet patterns and sprite positioning. The randomization has been delicately handled as to ensure the game is never unfair.

Our official blurb is:
“Prepare to be Pestered, in a good way!
Pester is a new vertical shmup from Flump Studios and is due for release on xbox live indie in early 2013.
With over ten different game modes, including: Classic, Reverse, Duo, Old school and Tempus mode. A unique blend of Old School pixel art
combined with particle physics and stunning backdrops, Pester is the perfect for both shooter enthusiasts and anyone up for a good challenge.
For a real challenge try our new duo mode, where two ships are controlled by a single game pad using the analog sticks. 

In other news it looks like super killer hornet maybe heading for the PC, we’ll keep you posted.

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