Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is nearly here!

At last!!!
It seems like ages since we started working on the Sequel to Super Killer Hornet but it’s now finally at a stage we’re really happy with.
Super Killer Hornet Resurrection, like its predecessor, blends classic shooter action with a mathy twist but this time on a far bigger scale.
Gone is the endless nature of the first game, replaced with a classic level structure, multiple  game modes and epic boss battles.
One big standout feature for us is the soundtrack, it’s not exactly traditional for this type of game but we have been lucky enough to be able to work with one of my truly favourite UK rock hiphop bands, the Sixty Fours. Check out their stuff here www.sixtyfours.co.uk. However if you do favor a more traditional score we also have a classic soundtrack from a very talented musician, Mr Dylan Barry...both are equally awesome!

We are hoping the soundtrack will be available separately and in two parts shortly after release.
We are aiming for an early 2014 release, probably mid to late Jan, we will update with a solid release date when we know more.  

 Right now we are entering the Beta testing phase which will probably last a couple of weeks.
If you are interested in being a tester for SKH-Resurrection email us at FlumpStudios@gmail.com

There’s not much more to tell you that the trailer won’t explain. So here it is…look at it!!!!!Please.
For more information please like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FlumpStudios?ref=hl or follow us on twitter@FlumpStudios

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