Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pester Review Round-up


So it’s been 3 months since the release of out little indie shooter, Pester, and I think we can safely say that the last of the reviews are in. So how did we do???? Well, actually pretty awesome to be honest.
Out of 15 review I would only class one of them as negative, that’s not bad. We even got a seal of approval from the indie gamer chick who is notorious for her dislike of Shoot em’ ups.
So here’s a run through of the scores, starting with the best obviously
:)The good:
‘A’ Rating – “It grabs you and keeps you interested because it is a game that pulls you in and then chews you up along with a line from The Rock saying, “come get some” to which you will oblige.”
Video Game Attack
9/10 – “Overall, this is a really smart, well presented little game for both retro fans and shmup fans alike. The game has a serious ‘just one more go’ factor to it, and can’t be faulted on its customisation and value for money. It’s hard, but not so hard that it’s a turn off. It’s only 80 Microsoft Points – my advice is to buy it now!”
Gamer Score Addicts
9/10 – “Pester is great for bringing the retro feel, I had so much fun playing this game”
The Overshield
[No Score] – I freaking LOVE it!!! The challenge gives me something to look forward to and the rising difficulty curve is always there to test me when I think I’ve aced the game.
8.7/10 – “I really liked Pester. It is safe to say that this is currently my favorite Xbox Live Indie Game. Flump Studios incorporated some good ideas and paid homage to one of the most known space shooters, Galaga. The controls are tight and responsive while the graphics make you feel like you’re moving through space. Enemies are nicely designed and diverse.”
8.5/10 – “It’s one heck of a fast paced shooting frenzy.”
Geeks Respawn
[No Score] – “Quite frankly, I just couldn’t stop playing the arcade mode! Each time I died, I wanted to get back and start again. lol Pester really is that entertaining.”
Metall Man
4/5 – “Freaking fun!”
Gamer Vets
8/10 – “Overall, Pester is a great successor to Killer Hornet and really creates a more rounded and polished product. The game is crisp and the controls are very fluid and responsive. If you enjoy shooters, Pester is easily one of the better ones available on the XBLIG market right now.”
Clearance Bin Review
The Avarage
3.5/4 – It’s fast, furious and addictive in that ‘just once more’ way.
Xboxer 360
Approved – “Congratulations to the team at Flump Studios for doing as good as you could do with this genre in relationship to me.”
Indie Gamer Chick
3.5/5 – Pester is the classic arcade homage with a few extras and a handful of unlocks to keep a gamer busy for at least a few hours. It’s simply a throwback title that fits in nicely on the XBLIG.
Gamer Cheese
The bad :(
Poison – “The graphics attempt to evoke a nostalgic feeling by mimicking the extremely simplistic look of most Atari 2600 games, but not only does it not look good, it just doesn’t work too well.”
1UP or Poison
Really sorry if I missed anyone out, I’m pretty sure there’s a few more floating around.
All in all I couldn’t be happier with the feedback. I’m really proud of Pester and I’m just so glad that others can see what I was trying to do.
Pester is also sitting quite comfortable at 31st in the UK user ratings charts after having spent a short spell in the top ten and an even shorter spell at number 1.
It’s been a great ride for me and now I have to go through it all with the PC version :)
Oh yeah, that should be out in time for summer.
Thanks for reading…

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