Thursday, 19 July 2012

Our First Xblig Game!!!

Image from Super Killer HornetWe are proud to announce that our first game, Super Killer Hornet, is released today on XBOX live indie.
A frantic bullet hell shooter with a strong Japanese influence and a strong emphasis on difficulty, Super Killer Hornet is the type of game we’ve always wanted to make.
At only 80 Xbox’s points ($1/69p) why not have a look and support a poor defenceless little indie developer.
To celebrate the release of the aforementioned Super Killer Hornet we are running a little contest. The first person to post a picture on the flump facebook page ( ) of the unlocked ‘Score King’ trophy will receive 400 xbox points.
Not the biggest prize I know but we are as small as a game studio could be.
I have no idea how we will perform on the Xbox indie network but all I can say is so far my experience with using Xblig as a publishing format has been fantastic, such a wonderful and creative community that I am genuinely proud to be a part of.
I would Just like to say a big thank you to - sixth floor games, Halcyon Softworks, Peter Schraut, Golconda, Sparkelsoft, Maxminus and Monster Bite Games for peer reviewing and passing SKH, to Toby Harris for sorting the website out for us, to Scott Benbow for playtesting and annoying me with his unbeatable high score, to Nick Osborne for being my business partner and forcing me to get off ass and get something made and a special thank you to my wife for putting up with my endless nonsensical game speak for the last 7 months

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